The Pelagic Safari in Todos Santos is a full day trip on the ocean starting at 8am in Cabo, and usually ending around 5-6pm in Todos Santos, always depending on weather conditions, distance, and sightings.


Marine life

Cabo San Lucas is the southern point of the Baja Peninsula, AKA Land’s End, and also where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. Due to this strategic position, the waters around Cabo offer a huge diversity of marine megafauna across the seasons.

In this expedition, we start off in Cabo and go around the peninsula towards our chumming area on the Pacific side.

  • Winter – Spring (December – March)
    Whales, anyone? Humpbacks, gray whales, fin whales, and porpoises such as pilot whales and even orcas can be spotted during our trips.
  • Spring – Summer (April – August)
    Sharks are at their peak, starting with blues and makos. As the water gets warmer towards the summer we have tons of silkies, and smooth hammerheads.
  • Autumn – Winter (September – December)
    Marlin and mobula rays become less shy, and baitballs start showing up on the Pacific side, what’s feeding on them? We’ll have to jump in and see for ourselves.

Even though seasons increase specific sighting possibilities, dolphins, sea lions, mobulas and sharks call Cabo their home all year round.


Your day

The adventure starts at the marina, where our staff will welcome our guests. As soon as the waiver is filled and the briefing is done, the participants will head out to our brand new boat, the “Mobula”, a 32ft Intrepid with two 250hp Yamaha engines to ensure safety and high speed for a better chance of pelagic encounters.

After a satisfying day, you get off our boat in Todos Santos to enjoy a beer while watching the sunset from the beach before we take you back to Cabo by land.



  • Snacks
  • Beverages
  • Gear
  • Late lunch in Todos Santos
  • Ground transportation back to Cabo




$2,500 USD*

Maximum 6 guests


16% IVA tax not included


Photo gallery

What to pack

The safari is a full day trip (sunrise to sunset) and we strongly recommend you to bring the following:

  • Towel
  • Dry bag
  • Sweatshirt and waterproof jacket
  • Cap or hat
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses

*Even if you don’t tend to get seasick, we recommend you take Dramamine in the morning.


  • Minimum age of 12 (with adult supervision)
  • Previous snorkeling experience required
  • Good physical condition
  • Swimming skills

Follow up

Once your safari is booked, we will contact you for equipment and special needs. You will be constantly updated on meteorological conditions and recent sightings.


Terms & Conditions


We will contact you with all the directions to get to our shop located at the Cabo San Lucas Marina, where you will try  on your gear and receive the first briefing.

The Mobula will pick you up at the marina and take you around the arch towards the Pacific while looking for marine life on the way to our chumming spot.

You will be dropped off in Todos Santos, where you will enjoy a ceviche and a cold beer by the sea, before heading back to Cabo in one of our vans.

Pelagic Safari Map