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    Hello #PelagicHumans! On may 27th we departed from San José del Cabo at 10am.

    By 10:45 we looked out into the blue and we saw a big school of mobula rays jumping and doing acrobatic movements. It’s almost a cliché now to call the Sea of Cortez an aquarium; a quote from Jacques Cousteau back in his day, but we can understand the comparison from this beautiful experience. We were lucky to jump into the water with them with perfect visibility to feel we were there just flying and swimming with them being part of this amazing natural event. After almost an hour swimming with the mobulas we sailed to the open ocean to a shark spot. Just when we arrived to the spot some dolphins were swimming around the boat. Suddenly we saw some sea turtles mating at the surface of the water!

    We began chumming at 1:00pm. The sharks appeared 2h later. At first a shy smooth hammerhead stayed with us for about 30 minutes with some beautifully close moments. Straight after him a big group of silky sharks appeared. We were able to swim with them and take some amazing shots as the visibility was perfect and the ocean conditions where flat. Most of the sharks where females.

    Something unexpected happened when we left the spot. The sea turtles where still there, mating! Good for them! We had an amazing day in the open ocean, and can’t wait for the next to come!

    Pelagic Safari Team.


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