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    Hello #PelagicHumans !

    On out safari’s  from the end of October through this week we have been able to experience the beauty of numerous Silky Sharks on our safari’s in the Sea of Cortez side and the Pacific side. These animals are magnificent and allowed us to be in their presence for quite a while. The temperatures on the Sea of Cortez side were at 29 degrees (84.2ºF ) and the temperatures on the Pacific side were at 26ºC ( 78.8ºF). This is unusually warm this time of year. The majority of the Silky Sharks were female and stunning.

    Soon, we expect the water to cool down and welcome the arrival of whales in los Cabos as every year this area of the Baja seems to attract the mothers and calves, acting almost like a nursery. The depths and many sheltered bays along this stretch of the Cabo San Lucas coast may be why the mothers choose to nurse their babies in safety.

    We can’t wait to go out and see our Silky friends again!

    Pelagic Safari Team.



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