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    Our Boat, The Mobula · Pelagic Safari

    Our Boat, The Mobula · Pelagic Safari

    Hundreds of Mobula Rays congregate in Baja California Sur every year. In one of the most spectacular wildlife performances on Earth, they can be seen jumping from the water. Sometimes these gorgeous rays will jump three or four at a time and they will reach a height of nine feet or more above the water, before returning to earth with a loud splash!

    Photo by Jorge Cervera

    Mobulas, known to local fisherman as ‘flying tortillas’, gather in their thousands before launching themselves out of the ocean.

    They are closely related to sharks but have long, flat bodies and wing-like pectoral fins.

    They use their fins like wings to reach heights of over two metres before belly-flopping back down into the sea to join the school.

    The first time we took our boat out, we were surrounded by thousands of them!

    This is where our boat got it’s namesake ”The Mobula.

    Photo by Viajar Buceando

    Pelagic Safari Team.



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