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    Pelagic friends we are excited to share that we were so lucky to experience the EPIC arrival of the  Humpback Whales, and other cetacean creatures in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California!
    Last Friday, we had sunny skies and calm seas… a perfect day for a Pelagic Safari! During our crossing we were stoked to witness sea turtles, and common dolphins on our way to one of our favorite shark spots!!! After our lunch, we were interacting face to face with a shy juvenile Silky Shark! Our afternoon had a huge surprise for us! We saw 6 Humpback Whales, and more than 50 Risso’s Dolphins.

    The Humpback Whale season is surely upon us and these amazing animals are making their way into Los Cabos Waters! We have already had the privilege of six whale sightings and witnessed their behaviors around Cabo’s San Lucas!

    This season is just warming up! We were in awe watching the adult Humpbacks “blowing” (spouting and exhaling with a powerful column of spray)! The stubby dorsal fun is visible soon after the whale blows, while the whale surfaces. The fin disappears by the time the flukes emerge, and when you breathe in you can experience first hand the fishy whale breathe! After this amazing encounter we were pleasantly surprised by a graceful pod of Risso’s Dolphins !

    We watched as these gentle predators skimmed the waves for their tasty dinner. The species scientific name is “Grampus Griseus” which means, “fat gray fish”, but Risso’s Dolphins are neither fish nor gray! Instead by the time they become adults, the length of their bodies is covered in so many scars that they appear white. Those scars are badges symbolizing run-ins is it’s other Risso’s Dolphins. Scientists haven’t figured out the exact reason why, but often the Risso will take their sharp teeth over a neighbors skin creating the white scars.

    We can’t wait to see what great things this season has in store for us!

    Pelagic Team


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