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    17TH-18 JAN, 2018 · #TRIPREPORT CABO

    17TH-18 JAN, 2018 · #TRIPREPORT CABO

    Pelagic Friends!

    Humpback whales have been around our Pelagic Safari’s this week with some epic encounters!

    We have been lucky and this has been occurring just a few miles of of the beach.

    Phenomenal pods of common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, and pacific spinner dolphins are rounding out the whale watching action on our trips aboard our boat “The Mobula” .

    We were two miles out to sea when we saw a whale tail -slappingThe sight of whales breaking the surface and slapping their fins on the water is a true spectacle.

    The whale lifts its tail clear of the water and slaps it on the water surface. To do this the whale usually hangs vertically in the water with just its tail above the surface, it then uses its muscular tail to beat the water, whereas Dolphins tend to remain horizontal to the water surface.

    Tail slapping may be to communicate with other whales nearby, scare prey, defence or display.


    Now is the time to come out for a Pelagic Safaro Whale Watching!

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