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    26 JAN, 2018 · #TRIPREPORT CABO

    26 JAN, 2018 · #TRIPREPORT CABO

    Pelagic Humans ! The winter season is going great so far, with numerous humpback whale sightings. The Humpback Whale population in Cabo San Lucas reaches its peak in late December through January. Cabo is a breeding ground for humpback whales or rather it is a place where whales bring their young. Many  pregnant females that mated in Cabo last winter return to give birth and nurse their calves. Others come to Cabo to mate. Though we never guarantee wildlife sightings (Wildlife is wild · Expect the unexpected), during peak season we expect to see whales on 90 percent of our tours!!
    On Friday, we started our adventure by traveling SE on the Cortez side. For the past few weeks we have frequently been seeing adult Humpback Whales around Cabo and we thought we may be able to find them this day.
    Today was a great example of why we never stop scanning the water as we travel through Los Cabos. The conditions were amazing! We had a flat sea all around us! After just a few minutes out,  Cabo rewarded us with an encounter with more than four adult humpback whales inside of Cabo Bay! We were out from 10am to 7 pm, with some other beautiful marine encounters with Dolphins, sea lions and sea turtles ( Olive Ridley)!
    We saw more than 15 humpbacks on this safari!  The Energy was all around!!!
    We look forward to seeing you aboard soon! Interested in more information?
    Pelagic Safari Team


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