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    Pelagic Friends! What an amazing day!
    Yesterday Captain Nedel took us out 10-miles south in search of whales.
    The start of a beautiful day on the open ocean. We spotted our first Humpback Whales shortly after leaving the bay.
    We also spotted Risso’s dolphins sailing south east from Cabo San Lucas. We watched the dolphin’s for about an hour, but they were quite shy to swim with us.
    We started out the day with sunny conditions that turned cloudy in the late afternoon.
    The day was full of humpback whales we spotted approximately 40 adults !!! We were lucky to watch multiple head lunges, and head slaps, which often follow after a humpback whale breaches.
    A whale and her calf were “flapping, breaching, jumping” It was just amazing!!!
    We respect these beautiful creatures !
    Thank you to all our passengers, our wonderful crew and most of all the incredible humpback whales!

    Pelagic Safari Team


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