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    What is a Pelagic Safari?

    What is a Pelagic Safari?

    Baja California Sur is a majestic Mexican State located in an ideal coastal environment. The state of Baja California is surrounded by some of the most beautiful coastal waters in the world. To the west lies the powerful Pacific Ocean, and to the east the peaceful Sea of Cortez.

    Each coast is abundant with marine life. Each side has a story of natural beauty to share. The beautiful marine species that call this area home are something that every soul must experience! Pelagic Safari is an ecotourism platform that is excited for you to experience Baja California Sur like never before!

    Some of you might be wondering what exactly is a Pelagic Safari? Well, we are here to tell you a Pelagic Safari is an unforgettable experience that will leave you in awe of the Pelagic environment.

    Pelagic by definition means the open sea. At Pelagic Safari, we take you on a Safari of the open sea. Exploration through ecotourism is dear to our hearts at Pelagic Safari, as we are in love with the open ocean and all of the wonder it has to offer.

    Ecotourism is a fundamental approach of navigating natural environments in order for the world to understand, appreciate, and admire nature, and the need for conservation.

    We are thrilled to be able to share this adventure with you, so you too can have the experience of your dreams and fall in love with nature and the open sea. Imagine Whales, Sharks, Dolphins, and sealions coming to greet you as you watch in pure admiration of the beauty and grace these species hold.

    Your full day adventure on the ocean will begin with a warm welcome from our crew at 10 am located at the meeting point in Cabos San Lucas, Mexico at Marina Fundadores. We will provide you any equipment that is needed such as a mask, wetsuit, snorkel & fins to be ready for the Unexpected! Just as in any true voyage on a ship a briefing to begin our journey will be held. A waiver will then need to be signed and our adventure can begin! We will board our brand-new boat, the “Mobula”, a 32ft Intrepid equipped with two 250hp Yamaha engines, that help us to ensure your safety and allow for high speed to increase the chance of pelagic encounters.

    We will be searching for opportunities to show you the incredible wildlife at Baja California Sur.


    We will keep our eyes, minds, and our hearts open as we explore the open ocean and encounter the best of what the surrounding seas have to offer.

    Please understand each adventure can vary based on conditions at sea, the weather, distance traveled, and what the wildlife is willing to share.

    Your safari will also include a delicious meal and beverages. You won’t go hungry on our all day Pelagic Safari’s. You will enjoy a packed lunch aboard the Mobula! This delicious lunch is specially catered for you by Lazy Catering. They specialize in creating from scratch, every meal using quality locally sourced organic ingredients and incorporating delicious seasonal varieties!

    After an adventure like never before your ship will head home and your heart and soul will be full of unforgettable experiences and wonderful memories.

    Come join us today and Expect the Unexpected!

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