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    Pelagic Humans!  Today we had a fantastic Safari!
    Although the marine forecast was a bit dicey, the skies were sunny and we were able to head out for another exploring day in the open ocean.
    On our way out of the marina just after a few minutes of sailing we saw a humpback near the coastline. This was the first two whales of a total of eight that were observed today, and it was a mother humpback whale and her calf!
    Photo credit Regina Domingo
    There were some boats coming after us, so we decided to leave them some space and not disturb their feeding lessons.
    Photo credit Regina Domingo
    We journeyed farther away to try to find some sharks. While we were waiting for the sharks to come, we had some adult humpback whales jumping really near to our boat, and also a curious sea turtle and some playful dolphins.
    Finally, our favorite winter shark friend arrived! Makos are actively coming in and giving us some great action!
    We even were with a really large and beautiful female mako shark! We had a blast!
    Both species of mako shark, shortfin (Isurus oxyrinchus) and longfin (Isurus paucus), are listed as Vulnerable but are one of the most sought after shark species in the world. Makos are targeted commercially for their meat, fins, and liver oil.
    Always remember they are top predators. As long as you follow the rules, all is fine. Remember to always make eye contact, but keep at least an arm’s length between yourself and the shark. If you can follow these simple rules of respect the encounters are positive for all, including the sharks!
    Mission accomplished. Expect the unexpected!
    Pelagic Safari Team


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