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    Pelagic Friends!
    Captain Nedel reported that yesterday we had a magnificent day with both Orcas and Humpbacks!
    Yesterday, we couldn’t believe our luck when 6 of these graceful creatures were just meters away from our boat.
    Orcas are infrequent visitors to Cabo San Lucas.Orcas are often seen hunting while here in Los Cabos.
    Orcas are highly intelligent and social animals, traveling in groups called pods. Their fierce predatory style won them the nickname of “Killer whale” in spite of the fact that Orcas, both in the wild and in captivity, show incredible curiosity, awareness and gentleness toward people. Ironically, Orcas have no natural predators except for humans.
    Did you know that Humpback whale calves are a regular snack for the Orcas? This week we have seen the mothers take their babies into the shallow waters. We are presuming they know when there are predators around and they try to protect them that way.
    We hope to see you on board!
    Pelagic Safari Team.


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