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    Yesterday we went out on a sunset Safari.
    This trip is highly recommended for photo enthusiasts, or for anyone that wants to enjoy close encounters with humpback whales! Each Safari consists of a small group (max.6) aboard our boat, making the trip a truly personal experience. Fruit snacks and drinks are provided whilst you enjoy the sunset.
    Today, we encountered a very curious humpback whale. It first dove around in the distance and then spyhopped near us to take a closer look. Sometimes whales lift their head and part of their chest vertically out of the water so that their eyes are just above the water line – this is called spy-hopping. It’s thought that whales do this to take a look around above the water. Maybe they just like to see us watching them!
    We also had another amazing encounter: 3 surface-active humpback whales (whales that do short and shallow dives).
    The most common whale species are humpbacks, but there’s also the chance of seeing orcas during this season, and other species like dolphins or sea lions. Don’t forget to keep your eyes open for other wildlife such as baitballs, sea birds etc…
    During February we saw plenty of whales also with their calfs. What we can expect for March? Lots of humpbacks and probably grey whales. On very special occasions we may see blue whales migrating from Loreto in the Sea of Cortez south to Costa Rica or north to the coast of California to feed.
    A warm Pelagic thank you  to everyone who joined our whale watching tours here at Pelagic Safari.
    Pelagic Safari Team.


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