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    Makos, humpbacks and sea lions! Cabo delivers!

    Makos, humpbacks and sea lions! Cabo delivers!

    Hello pelagic friends!

    The morning was a little bit windy but not too bad. Our guests this day were really excited about swimming with sharks so we decided to try a first spot for hammerheads, and after an hour and half chumming we saw the fin of a smooth hammerhead around the boat but he or she was really really shy and didn’t stay. We then had around 10 bottlenose dolphins around the boat so that’s probably why the hammerhead never came back.

    After a while, we then decided to move to find more action and looking for whales. We found a turtle on the way to the Cortez side and later on we found a group of 4 humpback whales!!! It was amazing.


    Time wen by, we had some nice lunch and then decided to try a mako spot around 3pm. And guess what? In less than an hour a beautiful 1,5m female appeared and we interracted with her for more than 20min… before a HUGE male sea lion arrived and decided to fight for the bait with the mako. The mako quickly left the spot and never came back, but the sea lion stayed playing and doing loops around us for another 30min or so. Oh, and while all this was happening, we were also able to see 2 mobulas jumping less than 50m away from the boat – which, ny the way, it’s called The Mobula 😉

    The day was coming to an end and we had to head back to land 🙁 but the ocean was very generous with us and 2 humpback whales waved goodbye from afar.


    It was a complete safari full of life!

    Pelagic Safari Team


    20m visibility
    Water temp 23ºC



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