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    Pelagic Friends!
    We’ve had really windy weather here these past few days, but we are expecting beautiful weather in the near future.
    Even through the windy weather we have had some amazing trips with many Pelagic animals coming to visit us.
    We’ve been seeing humpback whales during all of our safaris lately, and also mako sharks, marlins!
    Mako activity is all around! This week we had a beatiful female mako shark of 2m that swam with us for more than two hours. She was extremely curious, but calm at the same time! Mako sharks are known as excellent swimmers. Some reports said that the shortfin mako shark, Isurus oxyrinchus, have been clocked at speeds of more than 60 miles per hour.Good times!
    After the mako female we had an unexpected visitor! A marlin was swimming with us! They are so-called blue-water fish, spending most of their lives far out at sea. They are also highly migratory species, and they follow warm ocean currents for hundreds and even thousands of miles. Marlins are able to swim close to the surface of the water, or dive to the great depths while it searches for food!
    We are still seeing humpback whales every day at Pelagic Safari around Los Cabos, but by the end of April, most of our baleen tourists will begin the long journey home toward Alaskan waters where the food supplies are plentiful.
    Pelagic Safari Team
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    10m visibility
    Water temp 23ºC


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