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    Pelagic Friends!
    Yesterday we had amazing conditions, it was a beautiful sunny day. The ocean was a bit choppy on the Pacific side, but a peaceful, flat sea on the Cortez side. We started our day with 2 adult Humpback Whales breaching just a couple meters away from the boat!! This occurred just five minutes after leaving the marina in Cabo!
    We spent around 20 minutes just watching these beautiful mammals. They allowed us to witness them breaching about six times and they were really close to us. After this experience, we decided to go to one of our Mako spots!
    Around 11am, only 15min after we got there the first shark arrived she was a beautiful, large female, maybe more than 2.5m.
    She was extremely calm, stayed around the boat for a good hour and half and came really close to us while in the water. She wasn’t shy at all. While interacting with the first shark, after 30min a HUGE wall of barriletes appeared, they were were coming from everywhere.
    There was shark swimming in the middle of them, it was an amazing sight to see them coexisting. Also, after an hour, another female Mako joined the party.
    She stayed with us for about 10 minutes.
    She was quite shy! The smaller female quickly dissapeared and the big one stayed for another 30 minutes. After this unexplainable interraction with the sharks we went looking for more whales on the Cortez side. Amazingly, we found an adult grey whale cruising with bottlenose dolphins. We were surrounded by them for 30 minutes. On the way back, we saw a sea turtle at the surface and a sea lion following our boat!
    Another pelagic day on our blue paradise!
     Pelagic Safari Team.
    20m visibility
    Water temp 23ºC



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