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    Pelagic Friends!
    Encouraged by the great weather Pelagic Safari headed out to the Sea of Cortez in search of all things peagic. After about 15 minutes underway, we were treated with our first sighting: whales! Humpback whales to be exact and we were surprised as we thought the whales had already began their long trek north to cooler waters. This group seemed to be a momma, baby, and probably an escort male.
    They were rather calm breathing slowly on the surface. We launched a drone to see if we could get some aerial footage but they were on the move and diving down. We did, however, get some great fluke shots with the long lens. We spent quite a bit of time following those guys around then decided to go a little further into the sea of Cortez. We noticed a distinct change in the quality of the water as it turned crystal blue and noticeably warmer. A few kilometers/miles further into the sea of cortez and we found another pair of whales. We hoped we could get a closer look but they came up once more and carried on with their travels. It was getting later so we decided to make our move to our shark site, but on the way we saw some splashing on the horizon: dolphins!
    A pod of 15-20 bottle nose dolphins were playing on the surface.”shall we jump in with them?” was my question…..everyone replied, “of course!” so we gave a couple attempts at seeing them underwater. Although unsuccessful underwater , above water they gave us a great show. We even noticed there was a baby in their pod. Now at our shark spot, we prepared for sharks getting some chum in the water. Our first Mako shark arrived in under an hour. It was a juvenile and a female. We estimated her size at about 1m (3ft.). This shark was beautiful glowing with color. She was very curious and swam around with us for nearly an hour. Probably this shark would have stuck with us longer had the wind not picked up and moved us from our spot. So we reset, had a snack and started chumming again.Lucky for us the wind calmed and we had another mako show up….then another and another. In total four makos today all females. The largest was almost 6ft. (<2m). Another unforgettable day on the water and another successful pelagic safari.
    Let us take you into “our pelagic office”  and Expect The Unexpected !
    Pelagic Safari Team


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