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    Today was Mako MADNESS !!! Due to our luck with the makos yesterday, our guests made a decision to go straight to sharking. It turned out to be a great decision. The water was blue and clear so we had to take advantage of these prime conditions.
    We got set early at our usual shark spot, but as we set everything up we realized the current was ripping and within 20 minutes we had already drifted  more than 1km (.6 mi). So we decided to reset a 2km (1.2mi) up current. It was another good call. It took about an hour for the action to begin but once we saw our first shark the action never stopped for the ENTIRE day. Our guide David Valencia guide jumped in first to check the conditions and saw our first female mako zipping around. She was very game and swam in close to me and close to the boat- she was about 1m long. Within minutes…”we have two sharks!” Our guests stumbled over their wetsuits trying to hurry into the water.
    This second mako was also a female but larger at 5-6ft (~2m). Sometimes a larger mako will scare off smaller sharks but not in this case. They swam curiously around us and swimming close in towards the boat. These two makos gave us tons of action for h-o-u-r-s. This mako duo made us dizzy swimming circles around us. We continued drifting and at some point another 1m (3ft) mako joined the fun. We had three makos circling under the boat and making pass after pass in blue water…a photographer’s dream! Below us a huge school of skipjack tuna began to rumble by. It was amazing to watch the excitement of the sharks as they began to chase the school of fish. This was all happening about 30 ft below us so it was easy for everyone to see the sharks move the school around. Watching these predators hunt in their element was a a true “nat geo” moment. Some of the time we had only two sharks with us and new sharks were showing up. Most were in the 3-4ft range (~1m) and all were females. An interesting note that we have not been seeing any male makos this season. As the day continued on, and we just kept on playing with our toothed friends until captain Nedel alerted us that we had been in the water for longer than 4 hours and it was almost time to get back. So we started packing up and even as we picked up the ladder we still had a mako zipping around wanting to play. Until next time little mako….Needless to say we were content with the absolute frenzy we just witnessed and felt so lucky to interact with these beautiful sharks in this pelagic environment. What a day…..
    Wind 5-10knots....from east in the sea of cortez, from west closer to the arch 
    Visibility = more than 70 ft 
    Water Temperature =70-71 F/ 21C  
    Sharks =  5 total all females 
    Location= Started at Sheraton drifted to playa divorcio 
    Current= Strong east to west


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