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    The Pelagic Safari had another incredible day out on the Mobula. The water conditions have been beautiful as a south swell has warmed the water slightly and brought in clear, blue water. As soon we left the marina in Cabo San Lucas we could see the improvement in clarity in the water. Since we have had such good fortune with the makos we decided to head straight away and go at it again. The conditions had us optimistic. It took us awhile but finally a juvenile mako showed up.
    This was a small female but she was electric….bright in color and full of energy she went straight for the chum bucket-that is actually just out of the water.
    But just as we entered the water, she made a few passes but disappeared…ugh. So we got out for awhile to send more good vibes. Not too long after we had another mako on the surface, then another…we had two makos zipping around the boat! We flew into the water and watched these two juvenile females mouth everything in the water.
    They were bumping into everything, testing it. It’s really cool to watch the behavior of these beautiful sharks. They are curious and since they don’t have hands, they use their mouth. These two cruised around for about 15 min but they must have had better things to do on their saturday because they disappeared.
     Hmmm….so we got out again. We had a few other mako sharks come and go throughout the day but we were left wanting more. It was getting late and by our count already 6 makos had visited us. It had been good but we were missing some of the bigger players.
    Then our first male showed up. This shark was excited and coming very close to our divers and bumping everything in the water. He measured almost 2m (or about 5ft) long. This was what we were looking for. He must have been around for about an hour when we noticed a second large mako showed up, this one bigger 2m (6ft). This was a female and very charged up. She was so excited she chased the other male mako away. So we were left with her. Good thing she was playful. She continued around our divers till we had to call the day. What an amazing day of makos in some of the best conditions we could have hoped for.
    In total we had 8 mako sharks in 100 ft/30m visibility, who could ask for more?
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    Pelagic Safari Team
    Wind 5-10knots....from west to east
    Visibility = <100 ft/30m
    Water Temperature =71 -72F/ 21-22C
    Sharks =  8 total (1male+ 7 females)



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