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    What a day! Today we traveled with guests who had never seen sharks, let alone interact with them. Some were even nervous or scared but this is what motivated our newest mako magnets.
    We started our tour today in calm seas hoping for whales or dolphins, but none of those pelagic animals graced us with their presence. We searched for about an hour and a half and not much of anything so we decided to start chumming. Conditions were good and we were hoping for the best as our guests were really excited. Within 45 minutes we had our first shark. A female mako about 3ft in length showed up erratically swimming under the boat and to the bait. This shark was all over the place, up and down, left and right. And for our guests this was their first shark and super excited. So let’s get in! As we prepared our gear the shark must have gotten bored because she left and didn’t come back. So we decided to chum some more. It took more than an hour before we saw another. This time a large shark surfaced about 25yards/m away from the boat. However this shark was not interested in interacting with us. We waited more….in the meantime we saw a shark breach, and manta jump, a marlin jump multiple times, and a humpback breach.
    So much life was in the area but no sharks.
    We had another shark swim around the bait a few times but not long enough to jump in. All we could do was wait .
    The wind picked up and things were getting bumpy. Our team started to lose hope. Around 3:30 we had another shark. This mako was about 4 ft/1m + and totally game. We excitedly jumped into the water and it was great.
    We got close swims to all and we watched as our toothed friend showed lots of interest in the lead weight we have hanging from the boat. Suddenly a larger shark raced onto the scene. It didn’t take long for the new mako to scare the other away. But this one was about 5ft/<2m in length and very friendly. She was making very close passes and giving our divers some amazing thrills. Despite our difficult wind conditions we made the best of it and had a killer day. Our guests were ecstatic and said they had an amazing time with their first shark experience.
    Pelagic Safari Team
    Wind 3-15knots....from east in the sea of cortez 
    Visibility = more than 20 ft/6m 
    Water Temperature =70F/ 20C  
    Sharks =  6 total all females 
    Current= Strong to the west


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