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    Pelagic Safari is all about exploring the open ocean environment. We never know what we’re going to get a chance to see, which is what makes our tours unique and exciting. Today our tour was filled with surprises. In the morning we had favorable conditions as a south swell has pushed warm, blue water our way. After we made the usual local stops: arch and sea lion colony, we charged into the deep blue. We scoured the sea of cortez for a good half hour without seeing much of anything. Suddenly on the horizon we saw a splash…a big splash. Whales and they were breaching.


    Our trusty boat, the Mobula, is fast so we motored over there as fast as we could. There were two adults and they were doing some amazing behaviors right next to the boat. We saw pec waving, tail throwing, tail slapping, head lobbing, and my particular favorite breaching. We had countless full breaches which made our photographers very happy. After 45 minutes of hanging out with these acrobats, we decided to move to our shark area. So we started chumming. All I can say is that we can never know what’s going to show up and this time not much did. We chummed for a long while with no results except a quick stop with a 5 ft mako under the boat- not long enough for us to jump in. The wind picked up too so we had to move on. We set for exploring in close to the coast to see what we could catch a glimpse of. Funny enough, we saw a hammerhead on the surface. This was of course without chum and we cruised along with it for about 15 min. We tried chumming while it was close to the boat but no luck. So we started heading back to the marina. Not long after another surprise visit: Humpback Whales! This is long after the usual season for whales but we keep seeing them. This time three humpbacks with a baby. These guys were excited and jumping.


    They also did a little pectoral waving and tail slapping. We thought about jumping in, but it was a bit windy and seemed like a better idea to observe from the boat. I wish that every tour we do could end in whales. Lucky us…..


    Pelagic Safari Team


    Wind =  13-17 knots West to East
    Visibility = 75ft/25m
    Water Temperature = 74F/23C
    Current= Strong to the west


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