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    Today’s trip was all about surprises. We are continuing to have beautiful conditions, which was not one of the surprises.

    We didn’t spend time looking around today just went straight to chumming as our guests were all about the sharks. After about and hour and a half of power chumming we had a beautiful blue shark.

    Initially we saw this shark as we looked from the surface- it was deep. Then the shark swam up to the surface and moved slowly to check out the operation. I guess it was pleased as it stayed awhile.

    This shark was calm and if you have never seen a blue shark let me describe. If a shark can be sexy, they are like the Marilyn Monroe of sharks.


    They are sleek and curvy as they swim around. Their color is a bright blue sheen on their sand paper like skin. They have big black eyes and and pointy snout which they always seem to push in your direction. They are curious and friendly. This particular blue hung out for about 30 min then left us—probably hunting squid in the deep blue. It was another two hours before before we had our next sighting. It was another blue. This one had an issue with its jaw. It looked as if it was missing teeth or part of its jaw. It was healed whatever happened, but strange. We played with this one for a good part of an hour then a mako showed up.

    We had a blue shark and a mako swimming just next to the boat.

    We’ve never seen these two species together. It was such a surprise and exciting. These two were sometimes in close proximity of each other but mostly kept to themselves. Our guests, who never had seen a shark in the wild, were ecstatic. They couldn’t believe how close they got and that they could actually get in the water with these sharks. This is part of our mission at pelagic safaris…to help spread awareness that free diving with sharks is a safe activity and that these sharks are more valuable alive then dead.

    Thanks to the ocean for sharing with us more of your magical surprises. Looking forward to our next Safari.+

    Pelagic Safari Team



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