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    A beautiful day on the water. The conditions here are so wonderful as the water has turned blue, clear and warm. We have been so fortunate that the conditions have been so good in the last few weeks. Today we had 7 guests all local eager to see Cabo San Lucas from a different perspective.

    We expected a little wind today so we kept in mind an option to chum our usual spot just in case the wind picked up. This is what we did. After chumming for about 1.5 hrs we had a few sightings: first a shark went through our chum line but we couldn’t tell species or how big, it was a ways off- then we saw a smooth hammerhead behind the boat. This shark was big more than 6ft/2m but keeping away from the boat. We tried everything to get this shark close but he/she was too shy. Within seconds of that sighting we suddenly had a mako biting the surface bait. This got all of us super excited so we jumped at the opportunity to get ready. To our surprise our captain then yelled, “there’s two makos!” So we prepared as fast as we could and we jumped in the water. One mako must have left because when I got in there was only one, very big mako shark. This shark was 2m or about 6ft. She was very curious and swimming from diver to diver but very calm. It was exactly what we were hoping for.

    This shark must have played with all of us for more than 45min but lost interest and swam away but not after we all had a great opportunity to see how shark really exist in the open ocean. This was so cool to share with a few of our first time shark divers.

    Two of our guests said they never would have thought they would have had the desire to see sharks, let alone dive with them, but after they were so excited all they wanted to do was to see more. After such a great interaction we decided to pick up the shark operation and look for other pelagic species. We cruised around and found sea turtles mating and a long pyrosome…a what?


    Pyrsomes can get to 60 ft in length and are colonial animals. They basically appear like a large tube in the water…some of our guests jumped in to take a closer look and take a few pics. After this we moved in closer to the coast and found a lot of mantas (mobulas) jumping.

    We wanteed to try our luck and seeing a few underwater and we jumped in trying to see them but only spotting a big school of skipjack tuna- still pretty cool. Then we took everyone to a special spot that has some of the best coral reef around Cabo.

    It was a beautiful spot with tons of fairy basselets, indigo wrasse, king angels, jacks and more. It’s an area filled with fish. Everyone was really impressed by the health of the reef system. We even saw a school of jacks numbering in the hundreds. By now we were water logged and it was time to get back so we slowly made our way back to the marina in Cabo. On our way back there were more sightings of jumping mobulas. What a great time we had sharing with our guests Cabo from a different perspective. Until next time….

     Pelagic Safari Team,


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