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    Great conditions today as we started our safari. The water continues to surprise us with warm and clear conditions. We headed out from the marina into the blue looking for whatever showed itself to us. Our guest were really excited about seeing sharks so we went straight away to chumming. We attracted a mako not long after starting but this mako didn’t stick around too long, just long enough for us to get into the water and get a look. So we continued and an hour or so later another mako showed up. This one we decided to let play a little bit before we jumped into the water. It stuck around for about 20 min but then it too left us high and dry. All we could do was keep chumming.

    So we did and finally got a nice big female mako. This was came in like a player- checking the bait and coming to the boat. So we jumped in and we were able to snorkel with this one for awhile. However, her visit was shorter than normal too.

    All we could deduce was that the water was too warm near the surface and the sharks seemed to prefer to stay below the thermocline. After this shark left we got out too and headed closer to shore. There we saw many mobulas jumping from the water. This was the larger Mobula species Mobula japonica– this species grows larger and doesn’t form tight aggregations like our preferred Mobula munkiana. But they are still magnificent to watch jump and splash all around us. A good way to end our safari for the day!

    Pelagic Safari Team


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