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    Before the day started, we had seen many Mobulas jumping from the beach. It gave us a good idea that the mobula season had arrived and that we would be lucky today. We were all really excited as we left the marina. The water was clear and the winds were low so we were hoping for some great interactions today. It didn’t take us long see a group of splashes. Mobulas! It looked like there were a lot even though only a few were jumping. The way it works, is we need to find a group of mobulas jumping from the water, then we can mark that group and find out if there is a much larger group below and usually once you get close, you can see a large dark shadow under the water.



    And that’s what we saw. Hundreds in a tight group schooling just below the surface. We all prepared and took turns jumping in. We were amazed to see hundreds of mobula rays swimming in unison. The school was gigantic and the water was clear so we could make the entire school out. It was insanely good.


    After about thirty minutes there the group saw a pod of dolphins nearby and opted to jump in with them. Only a fleeting glimpse of the dolphins but still fun to give it a try. We headed a bit further into the Sea of Cortez looking for more mobulas. Floating on the surface we spotted something particular. It was a large roosterfish some 4 ft long and 30 lbs or so floating upside down. We thought is was a strange and one of us jumped in to check it out. We noticed inside the mouth of the roosterfish was a pufferfish and it was all puffed up- apparently this is what killed the poor roosterfish. We cut out the puffer hoping to save the roosterfish and we even tried to the large fish but to no avail. It was worth a try! The day was winding down and we haven’t even started chumming yet so we motored over to the pacific side.

    We chummed for about 2.5 hrs when finally we had a mako. This mako was a small female and stayed and played for about 15 min but swam off. Not long after another mako shark showed up and then another.


    We had three mako sharks total by this point but all different times. Then finally a larger mako shark showed up. This one was almost 2m/5ft and really game. She was very curious and coming very close to our guests. It was exhilirating…and we had two makos at one time. So much fun and so many good pics. We all left the water with huge smiles and lots of memories of a fabulous day.

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