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    On Sunday June 3rd we left the Marina in Cabo San Lucas with a great expectation of encountering large schools of Mobula rays, after all the preceding week had given us some of our best ever encounters with these famous seasonal visitors! With many marine encounters it is often a case of doing a lot of hard work- searching and swimming- for a brief sighting. However sometimes we are rewarded for our persistence (or maybe we just lucky) and get an interaction that far exceeds expectation. This was one of those days. Literally within 30 seconds of leaving the Cabo San Lucas Bay we spotted a school of multiple thousands of Mobulas, easily identified and sized up by the constant leaps and subsequent splashes they make as they break the surface. As we entered the water it was clear this massive school was extremely tranquil and far more concerned with their morning meals and mating rituals than they were by our presence, allowing us to spend about an hour swimming calmly with them at the surface. At times every person on the boat had their own group of rays to swim with. This surreal experience was best summed up by one of our customers who described it as “simplemente otro mundo” – simply another world!


    On the downside we did not encounter any sharks but we did briefly enjoy the company of a large Striped Marlin and a bigger species of Mobula, the Japanica, that both approached the boat while we waited for sharks. To top it all off the large schools of Mobulas were never far away and looking in just about any direction for less than a minute would ensure the sighting of one of the oceans best acrobats!

    Pelagic Safari Team


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