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    In today’s outing we were optomistic at the potential sighting of mobulas because the last two days they were in the area. Which was good because our guests spefically came at this time of year for a look at the mobulas. Just miniutes outside of the marina, actually just two minutes we saw the mobulas jumping. In fact they were jumping everywhere in the bay of cabo san lucas. We saw a large school rays and they looked to be staying in the same spot and close to the surface—this is the key when looking to interact with a school of mobulas. We jumped in and it was spectacular. They were swimming in circles in a really tight group. It was our guests first interaction with such a school and they were saying “wow!” through their snorkels over and over again. We only got ten minutes with this school because a cruise ship started into the bay…talk about raining on our parade, but we were confident there were more schools. We took the boat further into the Sea of Cortez maybe 10 minutes and saw a bunch of rays jumping. We tried jumping in with a few but it wasn’t the same- these schools were dropping deeper and moving fast. Then I saw a school closer to shore with many jumping in the same place over and over. That’s the spot! So we went over and this school allowed us to swim over them, under them, and with them. It was absolutely perfect. We spent 2 hrs taking as many pictures and video as we wanted. We were getting tired from diving down and kicking so we decided to try our luck at sharking. We went to a spot we haven’t been in awhile hoping for good shark action. Well it didn’t turn out exactly how we had in mind….we chummed for about 2 hrs or more and only a smooth hammerhead showed up but didn’t interact. We ran out of time so we cut bait and started to return. On the way back suddenly we saw a breach. The Capt. yelled, “what was that!” It looked like the size of a whale but definitely wasn’t a whale. Then another breach. It was the shape of a dolphin but the size of whale. Then appeared 15 or more…..these are Beaked Whales!

    What a find! They were all breathing in unison and very close to one another moving quite quickly . We decided to try to jump in with them…..torn between trying to take photos above water or putting our cameras in their housings we were slow to prepare and the beaked whales swam right behind the boat . oh we were so close.


    Of course we were going to try again. This time we were ready and they headed straight for us- giants moving slowly. We tried to get a direct line towards them but we miscalculated and they were just away but we managed to get a few underwater pics and video. It was so exciting and that was the closest we got for the rest of our time with them. We tried a few other times but it was starting to get dark and they were starting to dive deeper for longer. Regardless, it was an amazing sighting and very rare one at that. It turned out to be an exceptional day.


    Pelagic Safari Team


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