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    Conditions here in Cabo San Lucas have been improving daily. As our water turns from green to blue our water temperature is also changing from cooler to warm. In fact the temp today was almost 80 F/25C. We spent some time searching out in the open water for anything we could find. It wasn´t too long before we found mobulas jumping but the water was a bit green and so we decided to keep looking.

    We went further away from shore and found lots of mobulas rays jumping but it was a different species. The larger Mobula japanica can be around 1.5m/5 ft from wing tip to wing tip and they were everywhere. They like this warmer water that we´re starting to have. Every few seconds we would see one jump, somersaulting over the surface of the water. Other sightings included lots more turtles in the area. This makes sense because in our summer months sea turtles arrive on Baja beaches to lay nests.

    We even spotted a pair mating on the surface. A goofy booby bird was flying nearby and even landed on the turtles. It didn´t stop them from carrying on….We wanted to look for sharks early today so we headed to a spot that we haven´t checked in awhile. The water was blue and we couldn´t wait to see what was in store for us.

    We got things going and within 30 min or so we had a shark show up. It was far away but we could spot it´s dorsal and I could identify it as a smooth hammerhead. This shark was shy and unfortunately didn´t come close. This didn´t matter because as we watched the hammerhead keep its distance once shark darted underneath the boat and went for the bait. We were surprised and at first didn´t even get a good look but it came back circling and was a beautiful silky shark. This one had bright blue and black pilot fish swimming with it. It was coming very close to the boat and we were excited at the prospect of getting in the water. For many of our guests, the first time swimming with sharks. So we geared up and got in. The shark was comfortable and getting close. We all got to swim with this beauty for more than an hour of non-stop action. Somewhere during our dive we had a marlin nearby.

    I could see the fins sticking out of the water only 30ft/1om from the boat. So I decided to try to take everyone to see it. A sleeping marlin is easy to approach if you´re already in the water but sometimes noises can startle them and swim away. We were almost there when I saw the fins drop below the surface and no longer could find the marlin….darn. Well it was worth a try! Back to the silky we went and watched it swim circles around us. Our captain did receive a report of orcas in the area but we were quite far away and not sure we could make it. Our guests opted to continue to swim with the silky and if the opportunity presented itself later we could search.

    So we spent some more time and picked up our gear and headed in the direction of the report. We serached but the intelligence we received in the report was incomplete so we were making our best guesses . We didn´t find them but we did see a hammerhead on the surface and many more olive ridley sea turtles.

    We headed closer to the bay of cabo san lucas and we were looking for a good school of mobulas. Finally on the pacific side, we found them.


    We had a bunch of mobulas jumping everywhere. We entered the water and this group was huge and going quite slow. It was great as we all had chances to swim with them and take tons of photos. These rays were going into shallow water (30 ft) and they were slowing down and getting very close together- perfect! We got some killer photos and really got to see the mobulas well. Our guests were all very excited about the mobulas as it was all of their first time seeing this amazing aggregation. We finished the day with hundreds of mobulas jumping around the bay of cabo san lucas. We even tried to get a shot of mobulas jumping in front of the arch, which is very tough to do but we got one!

    Thanks guys for a fantastic Pelagic Safari!


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