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    Our first time out of our recent Tropical Storm Bud. This was a testing of sorts to see how the water water was and what kind of animals we could find. We decided to take our guests for a long ride to explore the outer waters away from Cabo.
    Right away we could feel the air was cold and this was because of the water. It was surprising because the storms usually bring warm water. After motoring for awhile we found a pod of dolphins. They seemed to be resting as they were not interacting with us too much. But it was our guests first taste of what we could expect from today.
    We passed San Jose and found a olive ridley turtle warming itself on the surface and we started looking for mobulas, hoping the water was warmer here. We didn’t find any mobulas, probably because the water was soooo cold. So we headed out to a deep water pinnacle that rises from 2000ft- 75ft. This spot usually keeps a lot of life. Right away we could see fish from the surface lots of skipjack tuna flashing their silver bellies and making quite a disturbance on the surface of the water. Not long after we saw dolphins!
    At first just a group or two, but after we noticed they were everywhere. We got very close some bowriding and some just breathing very close to the boat. We enjoyed hundreds of dolphins all around us. After some time we headed to our intended shark chumming spot. We chummed for about an hour and a hammerhead showed up. This shark came in very fast and was a bit erratic. It swam around the boat a few times and seeemd to be interested but we couldn’t get it to stick around for us to get in the water. Bummer….but we still had more time so we chummed a bit longer. We talked to our guests and they just wanted to get into the water. So we started heading back to a beautiful dive spot with toins of life. As we got into the water we noticed immediately, that it was waaaay colder here. But there was tons of life. We had hundreds of goatfish and hundreds of snappers. We saw a Cortez ray and got to observe some of the beautiful coral life of the area. It was a lot of fun and glad we made the stop. Cold but happy we all returned back with a different perspective of the life that surrounds Cabo San Lucas.
    Pelagic Safari Team


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