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    The Mobula Rays of Baja California ·

    The Mobula Rays of Baja California ·

    The waters around Baja California, both in the Pacific and Sea of Cortez, are world famous for their concentration of marine species, especially the big ones! But it is not only whales and white sharks that leave hard-core eco tourists and casual holiday makers alike stunned and giddy.


    This area is also the world’s premium destination for viewing large (or in many cases truly gigantic) schools of Mobula Rays. Closely related to the Manta Ray– in fact they have recently even been reclassified as a single Genus- the Mobula ray is pelagic, in other words an open water species that feeds on the Plankton and other micro-organisms.

    They are seasonal visitors that prefer moderate sea temperatures and thus generally visit Baja around the time seasonal water temperatures change in May-July and November-January.

    The largest schools in the world, sometimes exceeding 10 000 individuals, are found right here off the coast of Southern Baja and in the Sea of Cortez. They are famous for their acrobatic feats and can regularly be seen leaping from the water.

    Join us for a Pelagic Safari and experience this majesty first hand as we swim with and observe these massive gatherings right off the shores of Cabo San Lucas.


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