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    The Sea of Cortez is an absolutely amazing place. Today we started like any other leaving the marina. Unfortunately the visibilty in the water looked not so great. But. we were all talking about mobulas so we decided to start our search. We headed into the corridor area where we saw a few yesterday. There we found a few groups but they were not that active and the vis was poor we headed further down the way. We found another group of mobulas jumping like crazy. We moved closer and before we knew it, we were surrounded in jumping rays. Everywhere we looked. It was breathtaking. We tried our best at capturing the moment with our cameras but it’s tough to do justice with such an incredible event. This aggregation is just incredible. Well we tried to jump in and observe them in the water but the visibility was bad. Once we were in the water, however, we had the mobulas jumping clear over our heads. It was a really cool perspective. After more than two hours with the rays we headed to an area where we have had some great dolphin action in the last few days. It’s a bit of a trek but usually worth it. As we were arriving to the area we started looking for dolphins and our captain received a call……there are orcas near Cabo San Lucas. We stopped everything and sped as fast as we could back to cabo. We found the pod right away. A group of 10 or so Offshore Orcas.

    There were a group of 5 or so and then the rest were spread apart including a large male. We were so excited we couldn’t believe we were so lucky. We followed them and after some discussion we decided these oracs would probably head to the mobulas that were swimming with earlier in the day because there were so many. And sure enough they did. We followed them for about an hour when they arrived to the mobula feeding grounds and they attacked.

    The mobulas never had a chance as the orcas broke the mobulas into small groups and easily chose their prey one by one. They broke the schools apart and ran through the middle, but most the time they didn’t even have swim fast. They took their time. Although the water was a bit murky, we wanted to jump in and see if we could witness the carnage underwater. The first try was a test and found the orcas very curious but they stopped feeding and we didn’t see them chasing the rays. But all our guests got a really up close and personal view of these beauties. They were not more than an arms length below us in shallow water. So we did it again. On our second go we found a tight school of mobulas and waited for the orcas and they came straight to us and mowed through the rays. It was incredible, we were so close.

    We could hear their high pitch vocalizations underwater as they picked apart the mobula school. Epic!

    We spent another hour or two taking pictures from the surface and trying to jump in with them. It was a very special interaction and one we won’t soon forget. Our guests were beaming from what just happened and for sure will have a great story from Cabo San Lucas and Pelagic Safari.

    Pelagic Safari Team


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