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    Today we had some stronger wind but we were still hoping for some interesting sightings. We have had lots of mobulas in the area so we had an idea where to find them. As we made our way to the spot we were seeing lots of schools of rays jump but as we made our way further away from cabo more and more rays were active.

    There must have been thousands in the area and too many jumping to count.


    It was like watching winged popcorn pop on the surface of the ocean…they were everywhere. It was tons of fun to try to get the “perfect” jumping shot—-but it’s impossible….it’s never perfect and we just wanted to take more and more. We did so for about two hours and decided it was time to get wet. We found a school of rays we thought would cooperate.

    Unfortunately they were swimming fast and as we jumped in it was “hello and goodbye.” So we searched for a more cooperative school. Finally we found a group close to the surface and swimming in a circle. This is key for photgraphing mobulas as they must keep coming back to you if you’re going to keep up with them. These allowed us to observe them for a solid hour.

    It was so much fun taking turns taking photos and diving together. We started getting tired so we hopped out and decided to try a little shark chumming. We headed over to the pacific side and found there was beautiful calm conditions. We hoped for sharks as we chummed for about two hours but with no luck today. Afterwards we headed to the coast to see what we could find and we stumbled upon a pod of dolphins hunting in the surf. Just then we started to see mobulas jump again. This time was different though, as it was “golden hour.

    For those not aware “golden hour” is when the sun sets and gives everything a beautiful bright color of gold. It looks beautiful on the whole bellies of the mantas as they jump. So we stayed for awhile taking photos. This was a great way to end the day as we definitely enjoyed mobula madness.

    Pelagic Safari Team


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