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    Our guests came to us all the way from Spain today.  7 Pelagic Humans from NUBA travel agency. As they were unfamiliar with the waters surrounding Cabo San Lucas we wanted to show them all the best marine life. We headed right away to Gordo Banks where we usually have dolphin encounters. There we did find a group of 20 or so Bottlenose Dolphins. When we arrived to their location we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere…there were no boats and it was completely quiet except for the breathing of our dolphin friends. Our guests asked what are they doing because they were not moving much. They were resting. Dolphins have the ability to turn off or rest half of their brain , while the other half handles functions like breathing, swimming, and danger….obviously they don’t rest like us. So we moved closer very slowly as not to disturb them.


    They came to the boat and swam very slowly surrounding us. Our guests were amazed, they had never seen dolphins like this. I told them the dolphins are acting calm because we are calm. Our surrounding remained quiet and we enjoyed the close proximity of the dolphins and the quiet breath of life in the ocean. After we enjoyed that for awhile we said “adios” and went to a different spot. We jammed back the coast looking for mobulas. At first we couldn’t find them as they were not in the usual spots. Then we spotted a school jumping. Yes! They wanted some pics and footage of the group from a drone so I launched my drone. We got a great shot of the group on the bow of our boat, the mobula, and rays jumping in front. It was fun but we had to jump in before we had to return as time was running out.

    We got everyone ready to enter the water and jumped in. This group of mobulas moved very slowly which was great for our group. We all got a great look and swam with them for about and half hour. This is one of my favorite things to experience with people that are not used to being in the ocean because they can see the amazing life that is in our oceans. Our guests were surprised and amazed by our experience. Afterwards one of our guests admitted it was her birthday and said she was so happy to have an experience like that on her birthday. Pelagic Safari is always happy to help!

    Pelagic Safari Team.


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