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    Every day is a good day on the water. Although today was a bit slower than most we still enjoyed exploring. Our days started with thousands of mobulas just outside the bay of cabo san lucas. We launched a drone to get a better look and it was thousands upon thousands of rays. Many were jumping on the surface but many more were staying below. We tried to jump in and get some underwater shots but it proved difficult as the many groups of rays would dive down, which is abnormal behavior. We could observe many mobula rays coming to surface pairing off courting eachother (mating). It ended up being a better experience watching from the boat.

    On the drone you could see groups parting and the larger school was constantly churning. You could also observe the small groups pairing off and mating. It was very interesting to see these mobula rays from all different perspectives. After we spent a lot of time, we wanted to find something different. We took the boat far away where we heard had good action the last few days. There we started chumming. Immediately we could see hundreds of jacks come up behind to the boat taking advantage of the chum we were adding to the water. We even jumped in to take a look and it was a static ball of jacks all just there. It was very impressive as you couldn’t see the bottom of the school it went so deep. We played with them for awhile as we waited for sharks. Unfortunately, we must have forgotten to pray to the shark gods as nothing showed up for us today.

    On the way back we checked out some turtles mating on the surface….tis the season. This time of year we will have many turtles in Cabo waters mostly to nest on the beaches.

    From July-Nov. you can observe them at night making nests and laying eggs. After an incubation period these eggs will hatch and you can release the babies to the big blue. Many conservation organizations will take part in protecting the baby turtles from would be predators like birds, dogs, crabs, humans. So whenever we see our baja turtles paired up like this we are happy the next generation is on our their way. We never know what we’re going to see out here on a Pelagic Safari but it’s always a good day. Thanks for another one!

    Pelagic Safari Team


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