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    Pelagic Safari offers now half day safaris which are a great way to explore the surrounding waters and get to know our operation. Our guests today said they would be back for sure! The water here in Cabo is continuing to improve with very warm water today – 80F/26C and nice and blue. Our trip this morning was an early half-day safari leaving at 8am and returning at 12. Well it was plenty of time today as we had lots of action. On our way out we discussed cabo geography and what makes this area so rich with life. Not long after finishing our talk, we spotted lots of mobulas jumping across the bay.

    We sped oVer there to get a closer look. As we arrived it was thousands and thousands with hundreds jumping. We are not sure if I’ve ever seen more than this in a huge school. It was fantastic. For our guests from Tennessee, this was completely foreign but they were game to jump in. Let’s do it! We got in the water and could see school after school pass below us. Some were breaking off and seemingly mating.

    How impressive to look below and see hundreds of rays pass by and look above the water to see the rays jump 4 ft overhead. Because we have only a half day tour today, we had to move on to a shark spot to give are best effort in chumming. We know sharks are in the area so we chose a good spot. We chummed for only about 30 min when our first shark showed up……it was a mako! This mako was darting fast in and out of the bait. So of course we prepared ourselves while watching this little mako shark swim all around. We were all ready to jump in when Nedel, our captain, called out that another shark showed up. It was bigger, some 5 ft. and it was a silky shark. When we jumped into the water and got situated, we noticed the mako was not there. We reasoned that the larger shark must have scared away the smaller mako…bummer. Well we had a silky shark there so we played with her. This was a female, as it was lacking claspers- the male reproductive organs. She circled us and we had some really great interactions. After nearly an hour, the little mako came back.

    It only zipped in to bump the baits and then swam away again. Well we all got a good look and happy we now saw two species of sharks all on a short safari- not bad 🙂 . We had to get our guests to another activity so we headed back with a shark-filled morning and thought, now this is a great way to start a day.

    Pelagic Safari Team


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