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    Somedays you can’t give up. Today we went all the way past San Jose to look for Silky sharks. We started chumming in a spot for about an hour. It was beautiful blue water with very little wind. What a gorgeous day. However no sharks were showing up. So we opted to move spots and check it out. That was the best decision we ever made. Within five minites of arriving to the new spot we had a shark. Yes! It was a silky shark and we were just happy we got something. We got everyone into the water and this shark was frisky.

    Coming close to everyone and obviously not scared at all. After a few minutes , we had two sharks then three then 8. It was awesome! These were all silky sharks and this species is particularly curious and easy to interact with. We all had tons of shark action till we were tired and couldn’t swim anymore. We only left because we wanted to save a little bit of time for mobulas on the way home. We sped over to Cabo where we found hundreds of mobulas jumping. We jumped in for a bit and saw the impressive schools but they kept dropping deeper. We decided that the action was better on the surface. It sure was! They were jumping everywhere we looked. We were all in awe of the great day we had. Lucky were we today!


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