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    A beautiful day, even though it was a little bit cloudy. We spent today exploring. The water is a beautiful shade of blue and very warm so it looks like our warm water season is here to stay. This means more silky sharks. In the meantime, we’ll enjoy the last days of mobula action. That’s how we started our tour. The mobulas were jumping in their usual inspiring fashion. We found schools of hundreds right in the bay. We opted not to jump in as there was some boat traffic we decided lets find other things for now and enjoy the rays later. We spent the morning looking for other things but kept finding jumping rays, a turtle, and marlin jumping. We wanted to get in the water with something so I took the guys to a beautiful spot where we could see lively coral and lots of reef fish.

    It was a good snorkel and we swam for nealry thirty minutes as we ran into a whitetip reef shark. That was unexpected! We kept swimming so far that we actually decided to take a rest on the beach. It was a nice break from the boat. We hung out for awhile until we saw mobulas jumping. The guys said…”let’s go!” so we swam back to the boat and jumped in on one of the biggest schools of the season.

    This group was moving fast and they were in relative shallow water of 10m/30ft. It was so cool. We were all in awe and happy we had a chance to see them underwater. The larger school seemed to break up into three groups as they swam by us. We got back in the boat hungry for more. We tried to find that same group but they seemed to move to deeper water. We found plenty of other groups as the amount of mobula groups in the area was intense. They were jumping everywhere, but the schools were staying deeper. I decided to jump in the water to check it out. I found that all the schools in the area seemed to be connected very deep and on the surface only a few were jumping. This was a very different behavior than earlier in the season. It seemed the rays were breaking from the larger group to form smaller mating groups but below I could see thousands. Of course I called to my fellow mobula lovers and we followed the rays from the surface. Sometimes they were finning to the surface, but for the most part they were staying at about 30 ft/10m. It was still great to see them and also confirm that there were literally thousands in the area. We tired ourselves out so we had a late lunch and headed back into port happy with our beautiful day.

    Pelagic Safari Team


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