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    A beautiful day spent with a family wanting to see Cabo from a different perspective. Today was flat, calm, warm, and clear. Our guests were keen for the water and wanted to maximize their time in the water. So we started in Chileno bay learning about coral reefs and identifying reef fish. We explored the reef looking for white tip reef sharks and end up finding a free swimming eel and big schools of convict tangs and grunts.
    Conditions were great and we played in the water for about an hour. Afterwards we decided to go look for sharks. As we arrived to the shark site, we noticed it was so quiet as we were miles from shore and no other boats in the area. We had some lunch while we got some chum in the water. After about 20 minutes the boys were restless and one wanted to get in the water. So we did….out in the blue in nealry 700ft of water- We are not sure he expected this.
    He was amazed at the feeling of floating in the blue. We started noticing different kinds of jellies in the water. He asked his mom to get in the water so he could show her what he learned. It was a lot of fun finding jellies and watching them float by. The boys became restless and decided it would be better to go to another snorkel site where we all could get in the water so we took the boat back to the Cabo Bay. On the way we found a pod of playful bottlenose dolphins. They were jumping clear from the water and bow riding.
    The dolphins were all very close to the boat and active. Lucky us! We ended the day with a family snorkel at pelican rock. There we got to see tons of life and practiced free diving.
    The boys were water logged and ready for dinner—you guys earned it today!
    Pelagic Safari Team


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