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    Freedivers were onboard today. our objective: to practice the art of freediving and explore the beautiful waters of Los Cabos. We found a wreck off of San Jose and it was perfect for free diving. It lays in 35 ft/12m of water and is quite long- some 200ft/60m. There we found lots of life from reef fish to beautiful soft corals and sponges growing on the wreck. It’s a challenge to go around the wreck and look inside the compartments. I found schools of snappers and grunts and even lobster. After we headed to gordo banks. A deep water pinnacle that comes up from very deep water to 25m/75ft. There was quite a current so we decided to drift the pinnacle then get back in the boat and do it again. Our first drift we saw wahoo, thousands of skipjack tuna, and thousands of jacks. It was impressive! The water was so clear and blue with tons of life, we were all so excited. We drifted again but this time we saw a large male sea lion

    He was swimming circles around us and probably enjoying the abundance of fish. It was a beautiful scene with all of us freediving with the sea lion diving with us surrounded in thousands of fish. We drifted again and again- enjoying this place in the most natural way possible- with one breath. On our last drift , our guests opted to start chumming which meant we couldn’t drift again, we had to let the chum soak in the water. So we gave it a try and the sea lion followed us and ate a lot of our chum- piece by piece. At least he came very close for photos. We had a good laugh and headed back to Cabo. What a great day!

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