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    Today the ocean was full of life and what a way to enjoy than from face to face with Cabo’s ocean wildlife. We had a great couple today from Mexico City, happy to have some time to themselves and away from the kids. Starting from the arch of Cabo San Lucas we had a nice chat taking pictures watching frigates, pelicans, and blue-footed boobies. As we left that area we found a male sea lion just floating on the surface.

    On the way to our shark spot we saw a few mobulas swimming beneath the water and an olive ridley sea turtle sunning on the surface. We chummed and within an hour we got our first shark. It was a silky but a little timid. We prepared our gear and jumped in the water. We spent an hour or so watching our shy shark come in and out of visibility- it was fun and after awhile we were almost done with our chum so we decided to get out.

    Just as we were preparing to leave another shark showed up. This one larger and blue in color. The captain thought it might be a blue shark but as the shark started to mouth the ladder, we knew it was a mako shark. And a BIG one. This shark was more than 6,5ft and acted hungry.

    We asked our guests, “ready to get back in?” Of course they said yes! So we got back in. This mako was a bit too friendly swimming very close and a few times invaded my personal space.

    She was covered in fresh scratches and bites- probably from other sharks. She was so frisky, I asked the captain to not add any more chum to the water so we could calm her down. It worked and we had a great close interaction with a beautiful mako. Aftrerwards, our guests were so happy. I explained how lucky we were that we saw this mako as they are out of season. What a great story to tell the kids when they get home…

    Pelagic Safari Team


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