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    Pelagic Humans!
    Yesterday the weather was great and we had super special interactions with lots of dolphins!! Both common and bottlenose dolphins have been spotted over this past month and now sea lions are also starting to move back into the area. Overall September has been great, with only a few days of grey clouds and rain. And yesterday we had a blast!
    Because they often come to the surface to breathe (unlike most other aquatic life) it’s easy to notice when the dolphins (!!!!) are present. Yesterday we were sailing in the smooth Sea of Cortez when suddenly we started to see different fins all around – and we realized we were literally surrounded by a pod of dolphins!! Sometimes theres an opportunity (depending on the dolphin or pod behaviour) where we may be able to swim with them. And yesterday was THAT day! Our Guests and Crew were interacting in a beautiful way with them for quite a while. The waters off Cabo San Lucas are warmest during September, making it the perfect location & visibility for swimming with dolphins and having amazing opportunities for wild dolphin photos and videos.
    Bottlenose dolphins are popular for their perceived humanlike intelligence and personalities. They are most common species of Dolphin we encounter on our Cabo San Lucas Safaris.

    Swimming with dolphins in the wild is a life changing experience – take this incredible opportunity to swim with wild dolphins in their natural environment.
    Join our experienced crew aboard “The Mobula,” our intrepid 32 feet boat, for your chance to swim with and interact with these amazing creatures!
    Pelagic Safari Team.


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