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    Summer is the time to score here in Los Cabos with Pelagic Safari. With warm clear water, you can’t go wrong. It’s the best time to be in the water here. Our safari today went out in near perfect conditions. Clear, warm, and calm is a recipe for the best of days and we started at the arch. Every couple of years, the los cabos arch collects sand and creates a beach underneath the famous natural icon. It’s beautiful and we had to take a few moments to take it all in. Afterwards we headed to the big blue. We didn’t expect the “big” sighting we would have…..humpback whales! The first of the season for us. We first saw only a lone whale blowing and swimming slow, spending lots of time on the surface. Then we saw two more not that far away. So we motored over there and followed this pair for awhile. We were so excited and for a few on the boat, their first whale! Not too shabby for the first 20 minutes or so in our safari. Just moments after we found a pod of bottlenose dolphins. Our divers prepared their gear and as luck would have it, we were ready just in time to get in the water with them. The dolphins swam curiously around the divers more than a few times. Sweet! Our guests got back into the boat asking how we were going to top that. We smiled….and moved to our shark spot. There we chummed and we chummed. We talked and enjoyed the company of fellow ocean lovers. We waited and we listened to music, celebrating a beautiful day on the water. We waited nearly 2 hours when two things happened at once. First, a silky shark showed up. It was a sleek male of about 4.5ft and was curious, swimming close to the boat. Secondly, we got a call….orcas! “What do we do?” was the question. Well, let’s jump in with the shark, enjoy for a few minutes then run like the wind to see if we can find the orcas. Deal! We jumped in and had a great interaction….for a few of our guests their first shark interaction- well this close. After a few minutes we didn’t say anything we just all agreed with our body language and started swimming to the ladder to exit the water. We all knew that even though we had a report of orcas in the area, it wasn’t a sure thing. We still have to find them and it will take time. So we picked up all our equipment and started to motor in the area where the orcas were last spotted. By the time we got there an hour had passed and we had information of distance from shore (1.5 mi), time (1 hour ago), and direction (towards San José). We were realizing this was going to lucky if we found them. By our calculation the orcas traveling slowly should have arrived a measured distance and we guessed where that would be.



    We arrived to that spot and we slowed down concentrating on any movement in the surrounding water. We saw a boat inshore and we were just about to go ask if they had spotted anything when we saw something splash further out. We took a closer look and at first it looked like dolphins, then we realized….. ORCAS! Female dorsal fins look very similar to some dolphins and they move similar too so when you get just a glimpse it’s easy to confuse the two. We were so lucky we drove the boat over there and there they were the black and white unicorns. Five in total and all female. They carried with them one baby, which stayed close to mom. Of course we prepared and jumped in without a second thought. It was incredible how close they came to us without threat. They closely inspected us in the water and all of them paid us a visit. We could see clearly the smoothness of their skin and the stark contrast from black to white. We could even look into their eye, which is in the black color of their pattern, as they swam by. We were elated at the interaction and again a few more firsts for our fearless divers. We did this a swim a few more times before hanging up our fins for the day. Just a fantastic day with great people.



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