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    An adventure always starts with the excitement of anticipation of what we could possibly see. Today we never could have imagined what came to be true.

    Our plan….to head out far away from land, far into the open ocean. Then we would see whatever we would see. To start, the wind was great with glassy seas and beautiful blue water. We were motoring a long ways before we saw anything. Then there were signs of life some 20 miles from shore. There was an olive Ridley sea turtle, then another, then a mobula, then dolphins.

    It was calm and sitting there. We decided to enter the water to see what was around if it would approach us and it did. After some minutes in the water a Blue Whale swam directly underneath us and we all could get a look at its massive body slowly gliding beneath us. What!? Did that just really happen? It was terrific and we wanted more. We headed slowly a distance ahead to see if the result would be the same, it was. The massive blue whale swam very close to all of us in the water and this time we noticed details like the color of its skin, the shortness of its pectoral fins (compared to other whales), and even it’s seemingly small eye- compared to the rest of it’s gigantic body. WOW, just WOW. People travel all over the world for opportunities like this and we felt so lucky. We were all joking about who brought the good karma this day. We proceeded to do this a few times more with great results. We even saw a few more. Before the day was done we lost count of how many whales we saw but around 10  whales, Blue and Fin whales. While we were floating around we even spotted a smooth hammerhead, a big one. It was cool as it came right next to the boat, but it didn’t stick around. On our way back to Cabo we found a pod of spotted dolphins hunting a bait ball. They were a species we hadn’t had interactions with so we felt very lucky. What a day on the water!

    Pelagic Safari Team.


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