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    Our guests today wanted to explore. We agreed to go without looking for sharks today, as word got out last week we saw blue whales. So we headed out with the intention of going to the same area 25 miles out. Just as we passed the arch of Cabo San Lucas we saw a spout. Could this be our blue whale? As we approached closer we could identify the whale as a Humpback whale, one of the early arrivals of the season. Usually Humpback whale season is late November-early May. This one was early and had a tag along, a smaller humpback with it. We watched the whales breath and dive then one breached fully out of the water, a few seconds later again!…then again! It was something to see and amazing that an animal that weighs near 35 tons can clear the water. We cheered every time it happened. We followed slowly this whale and observed closely the behavior.

    Everyone was cheering and excited from their first ever whale underwater. Amazing! We continued to do this a few more times with the same result when out of the corner of our eyes we spotted dark dorsal fins. We weren’t sure what they were so we wanted to inspect closer. They were dolphins but a different kind. They were rough-toothed dolphins and they had something with them in their mouths- almost sharing it. We couldn’t figure out what it was so we jumped in the water. These rough-toothed dolphins were sharing a dorado that they preyed upon. They were tearing It apart right in front of us and sharing the scraps. We have never seen anything like it. They allowed us to come very close. We also noticed they had a lone bottlenose dolphin with them, that they wouldn’t allow to share in the feeding.

    We swam with these dolphins for about an hour in the water. Afterwards we had some lunch and ended the day with an exploratory snorkel. What a day…..and no chum necessary.

    Pelagic Safari Team


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