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    Today was by far a day to remember. After 5 minutes from leaving the marina we spotted a group of 6 humpback whales travelling south where we could identify some calves. They were calmed, coming up to the surface several times to breath all together and after several minutes with them, we left them on their own so we moved to the Pacific side. That was the moment when a huge humpback whale started following our boat from the back jumping as if she/he was just playing bringing us an amazing encounter.

    On the next 2 hours we sailed back to back with some pods of humpbacks and here came the best moment of the day; we saw a group of dolphins so we geared up fast and jumped into the water to swim with them when suddenly a group of 6 humpback whale appeared from the far blue ocean having us all breathless about the moment we had already lived. It was just amazing.
    We all felt completely lucky and when we thought that all we had was enough for today, our captain Nedel watched several mobulas jumping close to the coastline. For the first time for most of the people on board, we swam with a school of more than 200 mobulas for 2 hours with the sun coming down an a cristal clear water.

    It was a perfect day, mobulas are back and whale encounters were awesome!

    Pelagic Safari Team


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