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    DEC 13th
    Today we set out early and the wind finally permitted us to go further out to a spot that we love; San Jaime. The swell was big but the sky was blue and we headed the 20miles out to this bank. After just 20min of chumming a strange site appeared it was a raft of about 20 sea lions, they were swimming towards the boat playing on the surface and diving down. We got our gear on quickly and the four of us jumped in the water. The sea lions were curios and playful, they were inviting us out to the open blue with them and we followed. We played with these graceful and acrobatic sea lions for a while when suddenly our captain Nedel shouts from the boat “the sharks are here” Fernanda the guide quickly gets back to the boat to see what sharks had been attracted to our chum-line, it was a school of 12 juvenile silky sharks. The divers followed and so did the sea lions. The sea lions and the sharks interacted and played for a moment, but then these hyper sea lions went on their way to find other things to play with in the blue. We interacted for more than 2 hrs with this group of curious silky sharks.
    They were small, shiny and pristine. Since they were all juvenile they were a little cautious about approaching the divers and the chum boxes but they soon got comfortable and gave us a great time. Everyone, even the sharks had a lot of fun. Amazing what you can find far from shore.


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