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    DEC 8

    Today started very windy and grey, so we bundled up and went out exploring, we stuck close tot he coast and headed for the pacific. The first thing we came across was a whale, she was clam and staying underwater for almost 20min. We guessed she was sleeping or resting, in the distance we spotted another whale and went over to see what she was doing. This whale was displaying the same behavior, moving calmly and staying underwater for almost 20min. We decided to get the hydrophone in the water to hear if they wee singing, and they were. Although there is more analysis to be made on the recording, it sounded as if the two whales were communicating. The song was loud and profound, we connected it to the speakers and everyone sat in awe as we listened to this amazing phenomenon. We moved on and found some speedy sea lions hunting, so we quickly got out our gear and jumped in the water. There were about 4 sea lions, one of them had a Dorado fish in its mouth and the others were chasing after him.
    It’s incredible to be in the water with these animals and to see just how agile they are. Not long after we found some playful dolphins who followed the boat and played in the bow for a while, we decided to get in the water again, the dolphins were curious of us for a while, before diving deep and disappearing into the blue. Another magical day on the ocean.

    Pelagic Safari


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