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    As we left the marina today, the sky was blue and the ocean was flat, it was no doubt today would be a good day. We set the compass at 210degrees and headed out into the open ocean. About 10miles off shore we came across some jumping fish and a large log floating on the surface, there seemed to be a lot going on underneath. We decided to get in the water to check it out, we were not surprised to find many fish using the log as protection, but there was more. After just a few minuets three or four Wahoo came by, then a Dorado joined and we realized that a very small Silky shark just 40cm in length was hanging out under the log as well. Juvenile Silky’s normally travel in groups for protection, but this adventurous silky was out in the blue exploring for himself. We spent more than two hours with these curios fish and then continued the day back closer to the coast. On our way be we cruised along with a super pod of Common dolphins who were jumping all around us as they traveled east. The shallow waters of the pacific also did not disappoint, we cam across a school of about 600 mobula moving slowly and continuously jumping, We ended the day watching their magical flight.

    Pelagic Safari Team


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