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    As soon as Simon and his group boarded the Mobula, they laughed with the name of our awesome boat and said “Yes! That’s what we are here for, the MOBULAS.

    Seeing the amazing Mobula munkiana traveling in its large groups and jumping a few feet in the air is a special and rare sight. They are only in cabo for two short seasons in the year, but the group from HongKong were in the right place at the right time. We headed out of the marina towards the clearer waters of the pacific and just minuets after we turned from the arch we spotted those beautiful Mobula wings flapping in the air, we approached slowly as everyone got ready. The Mobulas continued to jump, they were all around us, in every direction of the boat. Everyone got in the water and was struck with an incredible sight. The biggest school of Mobulas we have ever encountered there were more than a thousand moving gracefully in the water, and creating quite a splash on the surface.

    Simon even had a drone so we could see just how large the group was. Everyone was very excited and we spent the whole day with the Mobulas, taking turns to watch from in and out of the water. An amazing day of Mobula madness that no one will easily forget.

    Pelagic Safari Team


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