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    After and incredible 2018 we are excited to embark on new adventures for this New Year. The Swift family joined us on our first Pelagic Safari of the year. The feeling of new begins brought a special energy to the boat today. We were all excited to get in he water to bring in the New Year. We decided to start the day with a morning swim in chileno bay, the visibility was beautiful, we had spotted a small school of mobula swimming, but they were hard to catch, as we saw in the bay enjoying the blue water a shadow started to appear, we were in about 30ft of water so what we saw was the last thing I expected. A small humpback calf of about a week old and her mother were swimming towards us, we huddled together to watch these amazing creatures, they were both very calm as they glided in the water. The young calf was resting on the mothers back, just a few meters ahead the mother lifted the calf to the surface to breath as she stayed underneath for support. The motherly love between a mother and its calf is something that can be both seen and felt. This experience left everyone in silence, taking in the beauty of what we had just witnessed. When we were back on the boat we watched these beautiful whales swimming together. Suddenly the calf breached, the breach was beautifully awkward and it was clear the calf was just learning some new tricks, the calf continued to breach and fin slap for more than an hour as the mother slowly cruised next to her. We could not have asked for a better way to start the year.

    Pelagic Safari Team


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