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    Big animal action off Los Cabos

    Big animal action off Los Cabos

    Here in Baja Sur we are fortunate to have great big animal action in the ocean year-round. We at the Pelagic Safari do however have a favorite season and it’s almost time for the Whales !
    Firstly, just to clarify, there are many species of whales that can be seen year round in this area. In fact it is possible to encounter over 32 species of cetaceans (dolphins, whales and other close relatives) in the Sea of Cortez, more than a third of those currently living and the most found in any region of the world’s oceans. These include the largest animal ever to exist on earth, the Blue whale and the oceans apex predator the Orca.

    But for around 4-5 months of each year we are treated to an absolute extravaganza – migrating Humpback and Gray whales arrive from their summer feeding grounds in Alaska and British Colombia to calf in the warmer waters off Mexico’s coast.

    Every December these gentle giants arrive in their thousands to give birth to and raise their newborn calves away from their freezing feeding grounds up north. In the first six months of its life a calf will more than double its body weight, a large portion of this new weight comes in the form of blubber (fat) that will protect the young whale on its first trip to colder summer feeding waters which begins around May each year. If you have never had the privilege of being around either of these species it is hard to overstate just how extraordinary they are. Imagine being 10-15ft away from a 40 ton animal as it launches its gigantic frame fully clear of the water or watching a mother doting on her newborn while it playfully learns and experiments with its new environment and its body.

    These behaviors and many more are everyday sights from December to May each year in Los Cabos.  As with all our experiences the idea is to do more than just observe, our goal is to inspire those we encounter to better understand the ocean and its inhabitants – understanding leads to love and love leads to protection and compassion. Our highly qualified guides will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and you will even get the chance to participate in citizen science such as photographing whale tails & fins that can be used to identify individuals in much the same way as a fingerprint does a human.

    In an increasingly humanized world there are few things as important as remembering our connection to the natural systems that support us and the creatures we share our home with. As reminders go, this is a pretty big one.

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